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MayMeeting ID: 997 1221 0733
June 29th:
Use of non-CoDA Service Conference endorsed literature CoDA meetings and CoDA in general.
May 25th:
Topic Anonymity in Sponsorship - What it is and what are some ways to uphold the CoDA principles
Terry D.

April 27th

Topic: Delegate Relations Committee

Speaker: Debra D

March 30th

Topic: Inspirations in finding information you need at the website

February 24th

Topic: CoDA Sponsorship

January 27th:

Topic: Experiences with Crosstalk: is my online fellowship group practicing CoDA Principles?




December 30th:

Topic: Thirteenth Stepping: what is it & what are some of the options available to address it?

November 24th:
Topic: "Consistent Service Concepts in all levels of CoDA Service"
Speaker: David A.

October 28th:

Topic: The "I" version of the "Recovery Patterns of Codependence" document.
Speaker: James K.
Host: David A
September 30th:
Topic: "I" statements In Recovery
Speaker: James K.
Host: David A

August 26th:

Topic: New CSC Endorsed Literature: Re parenting Our Inner Child, Growing up in CoDA, 4th Edition of The Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions Workbook (20th anniversary edition)

Presenters: David A, James K & CoDA Literature Comittee


There will be no Fellowship Forum in July due to the CoDA Service Conference


June 24th:

Topic: CODA Service Conference (CSC) & the Motions for 2023


May 27:

Topic: Getting involved in CoDA Service

Guest Speaker: Patrick B.


April 29:

Topic: The Group Conscience Decision Making Process

Presenter: James K
Hosting: David A


March 25:

Speaker: David A.

Topic: Meeting in Print


February 25:

Speaker: James K

Topic: Sponsorship


January 28:

Speaker: Kathy H

Topic: Joy In The Journey, Recover With Color (The CoDA  Coloring Book).



December: No forum due to the holidays.


November 26: Working Steps 4 and 5 With 40 Questions: Debbie


October 29th: Guest Speaker: Gail S.

Title/subject: "Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes"


September 24th: Tradition One (Unity)


July 30th: Step One (Powerlessness)


June 25th: CoDA Unity


May 28th : The Labels Of Codependency 


April 30th: Boundaries and Jealousy


March 26th: The 12 Promises


Feb 26, 2022 Trauma Bonding:
Getting out of abusive relationship is not always as simple as walking out the door.


January 29th Forgiveness & Acceptance



December 25th Anonymity

Speaker - David A


November 27th  Gratitude

Speaker - James K.


October 30th    My First CoDA Meeting

Speaker - David A.


September 25th  Intentions vs. Actions: what is my authentic self?

Speaker - David A.


August 28th  Willingness

Facilitator - David A, Speaker - Jim K


July 31st    Hope

Facilitator - David A


June 26th    Spirituality

Facilitator - David A, Speaker - James K


May 25th   Dealing with Change: How do the Principles & Guides of CoDA help me?


April 24th  Let's Talk About: The Power of Pause. “What is 30 Seconds?”

Facilitator - Gail S (Nevada), Board Member


March 27th             Silver Linings

Facilitator - Gail S (Nevada), Board Member


February 27th       Let’s Talk About: Service

                             Speakers:  Richard W - FL
                             Mary I - Communications Committee Chair



December 19th    Let’s Talk About: How Do I Feel?

                            Facilitator - Gail S (Nevada), Board Member

November 28th   Let’s Talk About: Gratitude

                            Facilitator - Gail S (Nevada), Board Member

 October 31         Let's Talk About: How To Deal With Fear

                            Facilitator - Gail S (Nevada), Board Member

September 26     Let's Talk About: Sponsorship

                            Speaker - Gail S (Nevada), Board Member

July 25               Let's Talk About: Inner Child

                           Inner Child - Evie S (Connecticut), Chair, Service Structure Committee and past Board Member

June 27              Let's Talk About: Writing for CoDA   

                           Faith J - chair of the Co-NNections Committee
                           Terry D (Chair) & Leslie - CoDA Literature Committee
                           Mary I, former board member

May 30              Step 12 - Service (Open Sharing)

April 18            When Life Gives You Lemons...CoDA Tools to Use -  Lisa B (Chicago), Marilyn K. (Nevada), Richard & Pamela W (Florida)

March 28          Speaking My Truth Was Liberating - Gregg B, Minnesota

February 29     The Twelve Service Concepts, Spiritual Guidelines, Alive & Strong - Dan R, Ontario, Canada and Nancyo, New Brunswick, Canada



December 21   How ‘No Crosstalk’ Guidelines Keep CoDA Meetings Safe - Rita B, Arizona

November 30   Panel: Working Step Five - Cristull C, British Columbia, Canada, Dan R, Ontario, Canada, Paula G and Ritchard I, Manitoba, Canada, Jay G, Pennsylvania

November 23   Fly Free - NOT! Traveling to Face to Face meetings and the CoDA Service Conference - Salle H, NorCal and Treasurer, CoDA Board of Trustee

October           We do not have a recording at this time

September 28  I Will...Keep Coming Back - Salli-Anne N, NorCal

August 31        Challenges in CoDA sponsorship - Jim Y, NorCal

August 24        Board Motions - Jen L, Nevada and Chair, CoDA Board of Trustees

August 18        Insights on Working a CoDA program - Jack S, NorCal

July 27             Reaching The Suffering Codependents Who Are Captive Audiences        Associated Word Document     

June 16            How to Sponsor, Ritchard I., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

June 15            How to Be Sponsored - Ritchard I, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada            

May 25            When People Break Rules, How Do I Deal with It? - Jen L, Nevada            

April 27           Self Care in Recovery - Gail S, Nevada           

March 30        Working Steps One, Two and Three - Rosa S, Southern California, Linda V, Florida and Bill C, Florida         

February 23    Step Ten, Individual and Group Inventories - Forum cancelled; Speaker unable to participate     

January 26     An Easy Way to Start Working the Steps - Debbie W, NorCal and Salle, NorCal      




December 29   Due to time conflict for the speaker, the Step 10 topic was rescheduled for February 23, 2019,

                         and the impromptu December Forum was not recorded.

November 24  Giving Back my Experience, Strength and Hope - Rosa S. of SoCal

August 25       Service at All Levels, What is it?

August 5         Discussion of Board Motions for 2018 CoDA Service Conference

July 28           Delegate/CoDA Service Conference Kickoff with our Voting Entity Liaison;How to Handle Conflict and Disagreements

June 30          How to Write a Voting Entity Issue: How to Get my Individual Voice Heard at the World Service Level 

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