Co-Dependents Anonymous 2017 Delegate Package & CoDA Service Conference (CSC) Recap

Day 1 CSC Reports Zip File 
   Day 1 CSC Motions Approved
   Day 2 CSC Motions Approved
  Day 3 CSC Motions Approved
All CSC Approved Motions

2017 CSC Motions Summary

Audio of the 2017 Service Conference

Complete 2017 CSC Delegate Packet Zip File
2017 CSC Motions Zip File
2017 CSC Voting Entity Issues Zip File
2017 CSC Committee Budgets Zip File
2017 CSC Everything Else Zip File

2017 CSC Business Meeting Agenda
2017 CSC At A Glance Agenda 

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CoDA 2018 Approved Budget



Reports and Goals

Additional Documents and Blank Forms

  Motions (* = amended)(** = late)
CSC Motions Template

Board Motions

Comunication Committee Motions

Received After 8/10/17


Co-NNections Motions


Events Motions

Finance Committee Motions

H & I Motions


IMC Motions

World Connections Committee Motions

Literature Motions

Outreach Motions


Service Structure Motions

Spanish Outreach Motions


TMC Motions


Voting Entity Issues

Received 30 Days Before CSC


VEI Issues as Motion by Delegate


Voting Entity Issues received after 9/10/17

Board Applications