2018 2019 CoDA Fellowship Forum Audio Recordings

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June 30               How to Write a Voting Entity Issue
How to Get my Individual Voice Heard at the World Service Level


July 28              Delegate/CoDA Service Conference Kickoff with our Voting Entity Liaison;
                         How to Handle Conflict and Disagreements


August 5    Discussion of Board Motions for 2018 CoDA Service Conference


August 25         Service at All Levels, What is it?


November 24   Giving Back my Experience, Strength and Hope - Rosa S. of SoCal


December 29 Due to time conflict for the speaker, the Step 10 topic was rescheduled for February 23, 2019, and the impromptu December Forum was not recorded.




January 26 An Easy Way to Start Working the Steps - Debbie W, NorCal and Salle, NorCal